Clinical Pathology


The Laboratory Sections

  • Biochemistry Section
  • Hematology and Coagulation Section
  • Endocrinology Section
  • Microbiology Section
  • Routine & Serology Section


Biochemistry Section

In our biochemistry section, we have the most recent chemistry auto analyser machines (Cobas Integra).By means of these machines we can perform up to 800 tests/hour

Check up for all body systems is available including: Glucose, Kidney Function tests, Liver Function Tests, Bone profile, Lipid profile, and cardiac Function tests.

Hematology & Coagulation Section

By means of the latest fully automated blood cell counters (Cell Dyn 3700 ), we present the best results to our patients, offering full and differential blood counts.In addition to our automated blood coagulation machine for detection of any bleeding disorders and follow up of patients on oral anticoagulant therapy (e.g. Cardiac patients)

Endocrinology Section

Salmiya Medical Lab is the pioneer lab in Kuwait private Laboratories to acquire the hormone license from the Ministry of Health, state of Kuwait.

In Addition, we are a member of the RIQAS (Randox International Quality Assessment System) to ensure   the most accurate results for our patients, and in shorter time

Hormonal assay is available through the latest fully automated hormone analyser (Abbott I 1000 SR)

By means of these new machines, we can perform all kinds of hormones in the body including Infertility hormone, Thyroid hormones, male and female hormones, osteoporosis profile, vitamin B12, and folic acid, and prostate profile

Also available in our lab is the “Tumor markers tests” for early detection of cancers like tumours of: liver, breast, colon, prostate, and ovary

Microbiology Section

In our Lab, Microbial infections can be rapidly and accurately identified by well-qualified personnel and by means of the latest techniques available

Routine & Serology Section

Blood investigations for Rheumatic pains, Urine, stool and semen samples are examined in our lab using the best available machines and well trained staff members.