Special Tests


Allergy Section

Allergy is one of the commonest diseases in Kuwait in adults as well as in children, causing recurrent attacks of upper respiratory infection, bronchial asthma, skin rash, and urticaria.

Our Lab is proud to have the latest machine (Hycor 288) to detect around 25-food allergen and more than 15 inhalantallergen to help the patient to identify the cause of the allergy and abide it, through a simple blood sample

Special Chemistry Section

This section comprises the most advanced test for blood cholesterol the “Lipoprint” and “Urea breath test”


One of the drawbacks of modern civilization is the increase of atherosclerotic and cardiac diseases at unusually young ages.

This can be explained by increased consumption of fast food, lack of physical exercise, stress, and sedentary life style.

Our role in the medical field is the early detection and follow-up of such cases. This can be done by the means of this test “Lipoprint”, which shows the bad harmful type of cholesterol in the blood without even elevated total cholesterol levels.

Urea breath test:

*Burning abdominal aches is one of the common complaints of many people. Traditionally, gastric endoscope was the standard and only procedure for the diagnosis of gastric ulcer. Recently, it has been discovered that a certain bacteria (H Pylori) is responsible for most cases of gastric ulcer. Through the Urea Breath test, these bacteria can be diagnosed through a simple breathing test and without any invasive procedure