The Pediatric & Neonatology Department has a complete Baby Friendly Unit.

The Department has a full-fledged and well equipped with state of the art facilities.

• Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) follow-up program.

• Preterm Birth / Congenital defect

• Functional and pathological Gastro-Intestinal Hepatologic Disorder

• Specialized Feeding rehabilitation for under nutrition and Obesity

• Health screening for childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders

• Community Acquired Viral and Bacterial Infections

• Cutaneous Allergic and Infectious Disorders

• Preventive Vaccines and Immunotherapy for Chronic Respiratory Diseases

• Assessment of Congenital and Acquired Genito-Urinary Tract Disorder

• Comprehensive Allergen-Immunologic Testing

• Global Initiative on Asthma Management and Prevention

• Full Spectrum Therapy of Acute and Chronic Lung Diseases

• Evaluation of Behavioral and Delayed Development Milestone