JV and Acquisitions


  • Whilst initially a large part of Gulf Healthcare International's growth will come by acquisitions to provide us with the necessary scale, we are not interested in 'retirement' sales.

    It is our aim to build on the wisdom and entrepreneurial skills of the founders of GCC diagnostic centres and practices. We would wish to buy a majority share in an existing business and to work together to maintain continued high standards. This needs to be done 'in partnership' with the teams who join us.

    We see the benefit of centralized quality, marketing, brand development, with license and visa management and continued professional development/ professional training and that these together with insurer negotiations and back office administration will free clinical team members to see patients. It is our desire that clinical independence rests with our doctors.

    It is quite an achievement to have been a winner amongst 3,500 externally audited nominations and we are very proud of our recognised success. But most of all, it is testament to the dedication and skills of the workforce within the organisation that make us most proud.

  • Joint Venture

  • Gulf Healthcare International is keen to work in partnership with practices who can see the wisdom of the collective strength and the power of building trusted brands.

    With a future based around corporate health insurance, third party administrators and regulators increasing the burden of quality measurements on small practice teams, we hope that we can provide exciting solutions to attract the right calibre of medical professionals to join our team.

    GHI will also work with secondary and tertiary care providers to offer integrated solutions to our patients including rehabilitation and long term care solutions.

    We are happy to discuss ideas with anyone who feels that we may have something to offer each other, write to us at jv@gulf-healthcare.com